I am seeing improvement every day.

Echo was aggressive, impossible to walk, and would occasionally nip people when he first came to us. My dog, an Australian Shepherd, was a biter and a barker, very territorial, and was hard to walk as he would tug on the leash incessantly. After the very first session, the walking had drastically improved. I can [...]

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Does your dog suffer from a sense of entitlement?

If your dog seems to rule the house, tells you what to do and when or always has his own agenda then it’s quite possible the dog suffers from a sense of entitlement. Humans can encourage this behaviour in many ways. Dogs need and like a sense of leadership, routine and structure. It removes excess [...]

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10 questions: to review before looking for a Dog Trainer or Canine Behaviour Specialist.

1. Where should you look to find a good trainer? Answer: Best place is through referrals, previous clients, friends, family, your vet, your pet store, SPCA or rescue organization. Other places would be to search on line in your area. When searching on line, be sure to look up reviews, testimonials and get a feeling [...]

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Using Patience With Dog Training

Using patience can be the best method when teaching your dog to be responsive for the best outcome! Lots of people think training their dog to be obedient or well behaved means constant drills, repetition, being stern, stubborn and authoritative. This is not necessarily the most productive, successful or enjoyable way to get results. Near [...]

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We noticed a huge difference

When we contacted Nancy-Lynn, we were at our wits end. We felt we had no control over D’arcy our Great Dane. We were constantly in fear of his hurting someone. He bit and mouthed at us constantly. He challenged us on pretty much every command . We were at the point of not feeling safe [...]

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My dog will now listen while on leash

We did not think we could keep her, her aggressive tendencies were something we couldn’t risk exposing the neighborhood to. We learned that the aggression was fear based and have learned to desensitize her to other people and dogs. By the end of training she is quite good with people and much better with other [...]

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