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Dog Training Articles

How to identify the 4 options of response choices a dog can make in any situation and what are they?

1) FLIGHT: If a dog chooses flight; They make the choice of removing themselves from a situation not being comfortable enough to deal with it. This can be the case not only in fearful situations & uncertainty, but just stressful situations in general. Not all dogs will tolerate fear and stress the same way, in […]

Why a dog walking service can make a big difference for your dog:

Getting your dog out for regular walks and exercise can be a challenge with busy schedules these days. We love our dogs, but quite often, Fido gets out less than he should and as a result, this can create a few issues over time. Dogs that don’t get enough walk times in daily, can develop behavioural issues […]

What is the command “PLACE” used for?

“PLACE” is a valuable and functional command to give your dog direction and a designated place to go lie down until you release them. This Can be very useful in many ways. It can control an overly social dog to give people space. It can keep the dog in a safe place when situations arise, and […]

Picking out an appropriate training collar for your dog.

There are many different training tools out there to select from to give you better control, and easier handling of your dog. The issue is not really the type of training collar you pick. The real issue is “how” you use it. Regardless of training styles, positive or balanced, it is very important to understand […]

Best practices for dealing with unwanted behaviours.

People always comes to me with some sort of behaviour from their dog that they do not appreciate or wish the dog would stop doing. Instead of reprimanding, correcting, or getting angry at the dog, there is a much more effective approach which doesn’t need to be negative or positive punishment-based modification. Regardless of the […]

You can reduce the risk of damage to occasional ill-gotten items by teaching your pup to…

You can reduce the risk of damage to occasional ill-gotten items by teaching your pup to exchange toys for treats, using something he loves that he’s allowed to have, such as a favorite chew toy or a food-stuffed Kong. The key to this game is he learns that if he gives something up, he gets […]

Does your dog suffer from a sense of entitlement?

If your dog seems to rule the house, tells you what to do and when or always has his own agenda then it’s quite possible the dog suffers from a sense of entitlement. Humans can encourage this behaviour in many ways. Dogs need and like a sense of leadership, routine and structure. It removes excess […]

10 questions: to review before looking for a Dog Trainer or Canine Behaviour Specialist.

questions for a dog trainer

1. Where should you look to find a good trainer? Answer: Best place is through referrals, previous clients, friends, family, your vet, your pet store, SPCA or rescue organization. Other places would be to search on line in your area. When searching on line, be sure to look up reviews, testimonials and get a feeling […]

SUMMER HEAT WARNING! – Keeping Dogs Cool

Play it cool! Now that it’s summer please keep in mind that keeping your dog cool is very important and can be life threatening if they get too over heated. Dogs don’t typically sweat like humans. Our entire surface (skin) “breaths” or sweats to keep us cool. Dogs on the other hand, do not sweat […]

Using Patience With Dog Training

Using patience can be the best method when teaching your dog to be responsive for the best outcome! Lots of people think training their dog to be obedient or well behaved means constant drills, repetition, being stern, stubborn and authoritative. This is not necessarily the most productive, successful or enjoyable way to get results. Near […]

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