At Awesome K9, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all dog training programs. We firmly believe that every dog is different and every human-dog relationship is unique and should be treated as such.

Training programs offered by Awesome K9 include puppy classes, group classes, private lessons, basic obedience, proper manners, advance obedience & socialization.  All of the programs are based on balance training methods. Our classes are designed to help people get their dogs to listen so they can build a stronger relationship and have some fun.

Here Are Some Training Basics to Start With: 

  • Training, especially of a puppy, is crucial to be consistent. All dogs learn by repetition.
  • To immediately get the dog’s attention, use proper tone of voice and positive motivation.

Awesome K9 services will first start with an evaluation and consultation. During the evaluation we test your dog’s motivations and capabilities. After the evaluation we design a training program that fits your needs and those of your dog. Contact us today to schedule an evaluation test.  Call us at 613-797-4454 or go to our services page for more information.