Behaviour problems?
Embarrassed by your dog in public?
Is your dog chicken or too bold?
Does the dog run you?
Are you at the end of your leash?…
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Dog Training Ottawa



(Start now booking your:) “SO NOW WHAT” CONSULTATION!



Is a one on one consultation with you and your dog for an in depth & personal meeting for us to listen, see and learn. We assess the dogs temperament, exercise routine & exposure, which are evaluated during the consultation and we go through A CHECK LIST FOR YOU TO KEEP. We review all aspects of WHY you could be having problems and we recommend the MOST SUCCESSFUL choice of programs to FIX THE PROBLEMS and meet your goals.  (allow 2 hours for consultation)

Seeing you and your dog in action can give us valuable information. We look at the “actual” problems and identify the source of the behaviour. We discuss not just the dogs issues but how YOU CAN CHANGE AND INFLUENCE your dogs behaviour with your patterns, habits and skills.

We introduce and decide which training tools we recommend for the best results. This includes the first lesson in the program when the consultation fee is applied to a customized “AMAZING CHANGES PROGRAM” specifically for you and your goals.