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Dog Training Ottawa
Dog Training Ottawa
Dog Training Ottawa




Invest in your puppy’s future to grow up to be the best dog it can be, by starting from the first day you bring your new puppy home. It can make all the difference for a life time of happiness for you both.

For more details contact Nancy-Lynn at info@awesomek9.com or contact Nancy-Lynn directly: (613) 797-4454

The best Puppy paw forward program.

(The most influential time to start!)

  • 5 private sessions at our location, 1 social session location TBD,
  • 3 months of Pack walks included,
  • Flexible weekly schedule, (we all get busy and things come up, so you don’t have to miss a class.)
  • Whole Family can attend, including special attention to integration with kids.
  • How to make leash walking fun for you and your puppy.
  • Commands include sit, stay, watch, leave it, out, no pulling, positive motivation and yes commands.
  • Learn human tools: voice, body language, timing, tone, gestures & energy.
  • Each class we discuss different topics such as puppy medical issues to watch out for, crate training,
    house breaking, socialization, boundaries and limitations, puppy games, nutrition, hazards, exercise
    and best practices.
  • When to use affection and praise for positive reinforcement.
  • New weekly exercises to practice and master
  • Weekly review of all commands, tips and tricks
  • Video with your smartphone: step by step demos to review at home for consistency.
  • V.I.P. (very important puppy club membership included (notices and socials for 3 months.)
  • Nutrition counselling: and safety discussions
  • 3 Months of direct phone & email support
  • Referrals to trusted daycare, grooming, boarding, kennels, dog walking, dog sitters and more.
  • $200 of private puppy fees are applicable to upgrade to our “Amazing changes program” before your puppy completes it 6-7 months of age.
*Home appointments are an additional $25 per visit. As per availability.

Starts at: $325.00 with the option of continuing registration by 6th puppy lesson and booked a start date no later than 6-7 months of age for an additional savings of $200 off either of our next 2 programs:

Amazing Changes Program or Life is Great! Program:
This completely covers you and your dog from puppy hood, to adult hood for amazing results. A guarantee for good habits to carry through the critical first year of developing responses, so that you can enjoy dog ownership to its fullest for a lifetime with your dog, stress free and to the max fun!
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