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Here is what some of Nancy-Lynn’s clients are saying:

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Hi Nancy-Lynn, here is my list of issues with Dixie before we started training with you:
I could not get a collar on or off her without having to wear work gloves due to biting me. She ran the house! I was getting complaints from the barking and looking at getting evicted from my apt because of the noise. Every day was a fight with her, she did not like her crate, slept with me, thought she owned the sofa, ran around barking and would not walk on a leash at all. She barked and snapped at friends and family that came over. All 2.7lbs of her.!! All we saw was teeth and an nasty little dog.
Thanks to you we have corrected all these issues!! She loves her crate now, and goes in on her own. There is no problem putting a collar and a leash on her to go for her walks. The work gloves have been put away and she lets us pat her and approach her now. She walks like a pro on leash and enjoys going out now. When I say “off the sofa” she obeys, no barking back. She is much more relaxed and happy in the house.
Thank you for all that you taught the both of us. No reason to send her back to the breeder after 7 months of hell. We love her to death now and can’t thank you enough. Thanks again for the tips to be the leader and your patience with me during the weeks of progress. I have a happy little dog now and a quiet peaceful house.
Joan,….. Dixie says “HI”!
Joan and Dixie
It’s unbelievable how much of a difference there is in Chester! You definitely gave me the tools to better control and understand my dog. My whole life I’ve had dogs and it was amazing how much you taught me. Thanks you again.
Myles and Chester
” Two months after getting an 11 week old puppy I was exhausted and very discouraged. Snapping at people was my biggest concern. After contacting Nancy-Lynn, I never looked back. I knew I was in good hands. She had incredible insight and knowledge. She successfully trained me to restore balance and power. I was amazed at the transformation. She taught me techniques that I will use for years in a calm, consisten, respectufl and encouraging way. She is a very competent trainer and it is clear she cares for every dog who comes to see her. She is a very competent trainer and can’t thank her enough.


Judy & Haley
Chase and I would like to thank Nancy-Lynn for all her patience and support. Her calm manner and positive approach were a big help. Nancy-Lynn is very conducive to some great results!. Chase & I had a lot of fun as well.

Thanks for all your help!

Dee n Chase
Monte is a PRO now! We take him everywhere! He walks like a charmer now… no issues at all- even got him over his fear of the big round sewer covers!


Sonja, Stephan and Monte Cristo
Barney has changed so much over the past weeks of training. He is much better in the elevator when there are other dogs present, he will sit and stay! … that has to do with you and your mega patience’s with me!!….I enjoyed the training sessions and will promise to continue to apply what you have taught me.

Thanks again for all your encouragement and help

Pat, David and Barney
We did not think we could keep her, her aggressive tendencies were something we couldn’t risk exposing the neighborhood to. We learned that the aggression was fear based and have learned to desensitize her to other people and dogs. By the end of training she is quite good with people and much better with other dogs. She will now listen while on leash, and getting better off leash as well. Thank you for giving us the tools we needed to make this happen.


Paul & Guimauve
When we contacted Nancy-Lynn, we were at our wits end. We felt we had no control over D’arcy our Great Dane. We were constantly in fear of his hurting someone. He bit and mouthed at us constantly. He challenged us on pretty much every command . We were at the point of not feeling safe to even walk him. We previously tried other training classes that failed miserably. He was getting worse and her was getting bigger and was aggressive, dominant, stubborn, pushed us around and had separation anxiety.

Nancy-Lynn reaffirmed us that he really was a “good” dog but was just misunderstood. the focus turned to us who really needed the training. Once we learned to earn his respect, we noticed a huge difference. He wasn’t challenging us and would give up within minutes and that was the end of any issues. Life at home is not as chaotic and we are grateful that we finally found someone who could teach us how to speak “puppy!”

Thank you for all your patients and help

Tory, Joelene & D'arcy