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Due to the lockdown we are required to remain closed for in house lesson until Jan 25th. If you have a lesson booked, we have gone ahead and rebooked you for as close to the same time and day that is the first available to continue your program.

You should receive an email notification with the changed in dates for your up coming lessons. If these are not suitable, by all means please go into the schedule from the email and it will allow you to reschedule yourself to a different day or time if you wish.

If you need help with this, please don't hesitate to call as early as Jan 7th to see what other options we may have for you. We assure you that we will do out best to get you in ASAP!
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We teach “YOU” how to successfully make your dog even more awesome!

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With over 2 decades of studying dog behaviour and teaching dog owners,
Nancy-Lynn is here to help you.

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Studied & certified with trainers from all over North America, including being a proud

Graduate of Cesar’s Way!

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  • We noticed a huge difference
    When we contacted Nancy-Lynn, we were at our wits end. We felt we had no control over D’arcy our Great Dane. We were constantly in fear of his hurting someone. He bit and mouthed at us constantly. He challenged us on pretty much every command. We were at the point of not feeling safe to ...

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