questions for a dog trainer1. Where should you look to find a good trainer?

Answer: Best place is through referrals, previous clients, friends, family, your vet, your pet store, SPCA or rescue organization. Other places would be to search on line in your area. When searching on line, be sure to look up reviews, testimonials and get a feeling if you like what you see before calling for more info.

2. What kind of help are you looking for?

What is driving you mad about your dog?… Is it minor issues or major behaviour that you just can’t or won’t tolerate anymore. Is any person, other animal or the dog itself at any risk because of the behaviour?

3. What choices or options are offered for convenience and results?

Are there different packages available with different options or locations and price ranges? Are you looking for private or a group setting?… what would be most advantageous to suit you and your dogs needs.

4. How comfortable are you with the methods, philosophies and training tools that are suggested?

There are many different styles of training methods as well as training tools. Find out what options you have for training methods and what training tools are available with a particular trainer.

5. Do you get a good feeling and personal attention for the trainer from the first phone call?

If you don’t feel like they are truly in it to help you and YOUR problems, then I would move on.

6. How severe is the problem that it becomes stressful or not enjoyable to be with your dog?

Are you at the breaking point of considering not Keeping the dog because of too much effort, time and problems and didn’t expect it to be this hard to manage?

7. What expectations do you have to resolve your problems?

Are you aware that having a dog is a lengthy commitment and to help your dog is work for both and the dog to make changes?

8. How important is it for you to be active in the process?

Are you planning on putting in effort on your part to make the changes happen and stick?

9. How do you value training as an investment for both you and your dog?

Making the commitment to purchase private lessons can seem like an expense, however if you view it as helping your dog become an Awesome dog that is better behaved, less work or stress and a valued companion for many years, then training should offer many bonuses that last a lifetime.

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