Australian Shepherd Training Ottawa CAEcho was aggressive, impossible to walk, and would occasionally nip people when he first came to us.

My dog, an Australian Shepherd, was a biter and a barker, very territorial, and was hard to walk as he would tug on the leash incessantly. After the very first session, the walking had drastically improved. I can now walk him with one hand with no hassle!

Nancy helped me understand why my dog was acting the way he was and what I could do to prevent and deal with it. Her suggestions all improved the situation and I am seeing improvement every day. However, these classes help teach the owner more than the dog- and I strongly believe that you won’t see results if you don’t put a little bit of time and effort into training your dog every day. This is true of Nancy’s or anyone else’s methods. For example, my dog would become aggressive because he was afraid. Me staying calm and redirecting his attention as Nancy suggested changed the entire dynamic of the situation.

I had been told that my dog had an “unsound temperament” and would never change (he was already 2-3 years old when I first started bringing him to training as he is a rescue), but Nancy saw him differently, and understood from the get-go that he was just afraid. He was nothing but loving and trusting towards her from the beginning as she is calm, confident and trustworthy. I am lucky to have found a trainer like her and will certainly go back if I ever get a second dog


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