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Dog Training Articles

Using patience can be the best method when teaching your dog to be responsive for the best outcome! Lots of people think training their dog to be obedient or well behaved means constant drills, repetition, being stern, stubborn and authoritative. This is not necessarily the most productive, successful or enjoyable way to get results. Near […]

#1 The untrained dog: Has no guidance or leadership when faced with an uncomfortable situation. #2 A fearful dog: Flight or fight is a natural survival instinct and when faced with a stressful or nerve racking encounter. The dog needs a leader to make them feel secure and confident that you can step up and […]

Teach them to respect a dog’s space Children are naturally drawn to animals, particularly dogs, because they’re cute and furry. However, children don’t understand that it’s not a good idea to run right up to a strange dog, which is how a lot of bites happen. They often also don’t understand that most dogs don’t like having their […]

Taking responsibility is the biggest key to success! The most important thing we can do is to take responsibility for our own dogs. This means training and socializing them properly, so that they get along with other dogs and people. Whether it’s the first day you bring home a puppy or you adopt a rescue dog, […]

Have you ever noticed that when we are frustrated, Anxious, nervous, fearful, defensive, angry or our emotional state is elevated in any way, how that can effect our dogs behaviour and responses to situations or events. When we practice being calm, assertive and confident, our dogs will feel more secure, trusting and less reactive in […]

With the dark Ottawa winter months ahead and the change in daylight savings we get a lot less daylight to walk our furry family.  Once daylight savings kicks in, it seems to be much darker both before and after work these days. This time of year and throughout the winter, it’s a great idea to […]

It is not always easy to understand why your dog “does stuff”!  especially if you find yourself  distressed about concerning behavior. When your dog is acting out, there are many reasons why getting a professional trainer to evaluate your them  can often help answer questions and prevent escalating problems and avoid more potential ones in […]

We’ve talked a lot about training dogs, why it is important, and what the benefits of having a well-trained pup are, but we have yet to cover exactly why having a dog around is such a good idea in the first place. Having a dog is a big responsibility, but what you gain is so […]

You might think that your four-legged best friend has always been a trained member your household, but there was a time when they had to learn to hunt food, live in packs and protect themselves in the wild. These are still basic instincts within them, and when dogs display these behaviours it can become upsetting. […]

Last modified on February 21st, 2017

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