Success Stories

We (an older arthritic couple) got another German shepherd puppy. We had forgotten what a puppy was like. Nancy was amazing. After several sessions I was no longer afraid to walk her on a leash. Nancy is very encouraging to owners, gentle to the dogs and very knowledgeable. Thank you Pat and Don! It was […]

“Our dog is a rescue, when we got her, we had issues touching her paws, we were unable to brush her, she didn’t want to eat, little by little she started to eat, she was pulling a lot when we tried to walk her, and she tried to dominate other dogs. We knew we needed […]

We highly recommend Nancy Lynn. She is an experienced dog trainer who makes learning fun for puppies and parents! She supports the in-person sessions with online resources, and she is available to answer questions and offer support. She leads well-organized “pack walks” with other dogs and their owners – these are a huge bonus, because […]

Really enjoyed our classes with Nancy-Lynn. But more importantly my dog fell in love with her and was waiting for the next class 🙂 We came to NL with Koba (our min-schnauzer) looking for help to address his behaviour outside. He has been an angel at home, but when we go outside – he was […]

Blake was having reactive issues and was barking and lunging on leash with owner when someone or another dog approached. He’s doing much better now and very little issues! He is a very dominant and strong GSD! Hyper active and needs lots of exercise and direction.

Awesome doesn’t even begin to explain how wonderful of an experience we’ve had at awesome K9 Inc! As the parents of two young stubborn frenchies it’s been an incredible journey from 2 boys who could barely stand to be in the same room together to a couple of loving, very well behaved brothers! 10/10 recommend […]

Thank you so much for your time spent with Koba and I yesterday. I’ve been practicing controlled walks with him today using your “special” device (AK9 Heeler lead). I have to tell you – i am sooooooooooo impressed! The behavior is changed tremendously. Can’t even imagine what he can get acomplished when we take the […]

We did a consultation with Nancy, specifically looking to train our dog to be less dominant and aggressive around other dogs. She gave us great advice during the consultation and then after understanding our specific case, recommended us to another trainer to us who has access to many dogs we could practice with to meet […]

We really enjoyed working with the very experienced and energetic Nancy at Awesome K9. She has a ton of professional and personal experience with helping dogs with difficult behaviours. She also uses a variety of training methods and was very aware that a dominance based method would not be appropriate for our Vizsla. We really […]

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