Nessy’s owner’s came to me from just outside the city of Ottawa with a dog that was wild, anxious, infinite medical issues, couldn’t settle down, walk nicely, or play with the kids without being too aggressive in play. Brigitte could barely walk her without being dragged off her feet. Covered in bruises, from Nessy’s rough play, they needed help.

With help from their vet with proper medication for an ear disorder and anxiety issues, we added various exercise routines, obedience work, metal focus, daily play time and exposure… Then we worked on Brigitte and the whole family, to become the calm balanced leader that Nessy needed to keep her from wild outbursts and endless energy with no off switch.

Here is what they had to say after our sessions and all their homework was completed. So happy to have been able to help with the multiple issues they were having!! Keeping up with the pack walks have been a golden bonus!

Hi Nancy-Lynn,

I just wanted to send this photo of Nessie, relaxing at my feet while I work. Before our training sessions with you and all your encouragement, tips, and help diagnosing her with anxiety, Nessie would’ve never been relaxed enough to just find a comfortable spot and plop down.

We have a completely different dog than we did when we first came to see you.

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