You might think that your four-legged best friend has always been a trained member your household, but there was a time when they had to learn to hunt food, live in packs and protect themselves in the wild. These are still basic instincts within them, and when dogs display these behaviours it can become upsetting.

As experienced trainers, we can work with you and your dog to determine why your best friend displays any undesirable behaviours, and personalize training to work with it and correct the behavior through consistency and positive reinforcement.

Some of the most common undesirable dog behaviours include:


A dog will chew for a variety of reasons: because it is teething, bored or to relieve stress. Chewing furniture, clothing or children’s toys can be a problem. We will redirect the dog to learn to chew only its own toys. It can sometimes be hard on your pup to be home alone for extended periods of time or be in a new environment, but chewing is still a behaviour that cannot be tolerated.


As guards, dogs are expected to bark at strange noises or strange people. That’s why they’ve made such great companions through the ages. But when they bark excessively at the doorbell, it can be disturbing and annoying. A qualified trainer can teach alternative behaviours. For example, the dog can be directed to sit on a mat by the door when it rings if they are encouraged and praised for doing so.


Digging up the back yard can create a mess. Dogs usually dig because they are chasing a scent. In other cases they might be just trying to stay cool. We can help teach that it is only okay to dig in a certain spot. With clearly marked boundaries, consistency and positive rewards, your pet will stop digging up your yard.

Urinating in the house

Nothing is worse than a dog marking its territory inside the house. While it is perfectly understandable that it would feel the urge to do so, this needs to be done outside. A trainer can work with them to find the best way to ensure they know to only urinate outdoors.


Some dogs jump for attention, others to express dominance. It is important for the owner to learn how to teach the dog that the owner is the alpha of the pack. A qualified trainer can work with you and your dog to find the best ways to reinforce this.

These are just some of the typical undesirable behaviours that dogs can display. With consistency and positive reinforcement, any pet can learn to stop or redirect the behaviour in a more acceptable way. We will work with you and your dog to tailor the best obedience program for the best results. Fill out a free evaluation form today, and see if it’s the right fit for you!

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