It’s no secret that dogs like to go to the park and enjoy the company of their own kind, but there a couple of things that dog owners should know and watch out for when taking their dog to a park.

Upon arrival, the first thing that many dog owners do is to set their dog free. Before you do that, Be sure to have them calm on leash while still in the parking lot and only let them off to play after they sit and patiently wait for you to unclip the leash, THEN, release them to go play once in the park. This allows you to have a moment to assess the activity and know that your dog is not overly excited to barge in on exciting play uninvited.

Some dogs have a way of playing very rough. When you’re at the dog park, monitor this behavior closely. Pay close attention at all times where your dog is, and pay attention to the activity around them. Rough play behavior can change to aggressiveness in a split second. The main indicators of aggression are upward-pointed tails, an upright walk, and walking in circles over another dog or trying to mount them. Watch for stiff body language or fixating stares.  If you notice that your dog or another is displaying this type of behavior, immediately separate them and take yours to a quiet place where they can calm down and remove the trigger situation.

Most dogs will seek out another that has the same energy and play ethics to really have some fun.  Age also is a factor in play. Puppies seem to find puppies and older dogs tend to ignore the young pups.  This is a great time to engage and bond with your dog and not be preoccupied with your cell phone or distractions.  Let this time be a relaxing break for you too in the course of your busy and stressful day!  Burning off the energy for the dogs in this environment is crucial for alleviating behavioural issues at home. A tired dog is a happy dog in most cases.  The more regular or daily visits to the park are essential for a well-mannered dog the rest of the day.

Don’t forget to carry a bottle of water when you go to the park with your dog in the warmer weather, and don’t forget to pick up after them wherever you are!  Keep the parks clean, safe and fun to go to -they are a privilege to have here and hopefully everybody respects that.

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