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“We coach you to have more confidence and become the fearless leader and enjoy more fun and more stuff with your dog!”

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#1 Start now & book your: “SO NOW WHAT” CONSULTATION!


This is a one on one consultation with you and your dog for an in depth & personal meeting for us to listen, see and learn. We assess the dogs temperament, exercise routine & exposure, which are evaluated during the consultation and we go through A CHECK LIST FOR YOU TO KEEP. We review all aspects of WHY you could be having problems and we recommend the MOST SUCCESSFUL choice of programs to FIX THE PROBLEMS, meet your goals. (1.5 hrs for consultation) $141.25 (including all taxes)

Seeing you and your dog in action can give us valuable information. We look at the “actual” problems and identify the source of the behaviour. We discuss not just the dogs issues but how YOU CAN CHANGE AND INFLUENCE your dogs behaviour with your patterns, habits and skills.

We introduce and decide which training tools we recommend for the best results. Then, we are able to customized one of our “PROGRAMS” personally and specifically for you and your goals.

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For those who want 100% private training instruction at your pace for your issues.  Highly recommended as the best value programs! Great for those who need flexibility with their weekly class day, times and locations.


Small: (private program) Straight to business, mind your manners pooch!

In our small program we teach you one on one how to resolve and control everyday habits that drive you mad! Great for getting your dog to settle, pay attention to you, so that the dog will listen better because you learn how to give commands so that they respond successfully the first time! This program coaches you with simple techniques how to confidently handle and manage your dog in everyday situations. You will learn how to fix, “going for a pull” and enjoy a nice loose leash walk instead. Say goodbye to charging the front door when someone arrives, and you learn effective ways to give commands, set boundaries and save you embarrassing moment when guests come into your house.

We make it fun, not stressful, so you can be proud to say: “That’s my dog!”



Medium: (private program): Successfully gain control and build trust and leadership. Be proud to go where you couldn’t before!

Our medium program coaches you to learn to be the leader which gives you greater control both in and outside the house so that your dog behaves well, even with the distractions. We teach you how to “settle” your dog when they are super excited by teaching you proper posture, timing focus, tone, leash work and calm energy. We teach you how to teach your dog to stop “taking you for a drag!” We show you how your dog can be calm and relaxed, while being out in the world, so that children, bikes, other dogs in suburbia becomes an enjoyable “Walk in the park”. Your dog will learn how to nicely meet, greet and pass other dogs and people on leash walks. You will learn to teach your dog to stay put in any situation. Controlled fun focus games are included to help keep your dog from steeling your stuff or if you drop things. Absolutely no counter surfing, chasing them or chewing your things will be tolerated.

This program addresses more real-life distractions, fearful responses. If your dog is being too bold or too stubborn, destroying your stuff, catch me games or no control. This program allows you to get out into the world peacefully and with confidence, successfully enjoying your outings anywhere you go and have WAY MORE FUN with your dog.


“We coach you to have more confidence and become the fearless leader and enjoy more fun and more stuff with your dog!”


Large: (private program): Everything, to get you past the tough stuff and out your front door!

Our large program, we tackle some of the tougher stuff. Does your dog make you fearful when exposed to other dogs, you lack the confidence to go by people, kids or situations? Is your dog too scared to experience the world and other dogs? Does your dog need more socialization opportunities to get more comfortable in the presents of distractions, people, traffic, noise or other dogs? We can show you how, so you can get started, while keeping it safe for all. Are you constantly looking out for a clear path or crazy off-hours to take your dog out hoping no other dogs will be walking by? Does your dog have any bite history, overly fearful, skittish, or confidence issues, that you just don’t know how to make go away? Do you have better choices set up for your dog instead? Do you need to try additional training tools that will give you more confidence and safety to be able to bridge being social or in public without you being afraid of the consequences? Does your dog suffer from more sever anxiety issues, like destroying things when you leave them alone? Does your dog refuse to be in their crate or becomes harmful to himself or howls the entire time you are gone? Then this is the program for you. We spend most of our time coaching you to have more confidence with the use of additional tools, so that it keep everyone safe and comfortable for every daily life. This program involves even more coaching for you so that you get passed all these road blocks and instead get to join the world with your dog and leave them home when you go out.

This program goes back to basics, includes additional safety tips and tools so that re introducing your dog gradually, confidently and effectively opens more possibilities to go beyond the boundaries you are facing now. We combine both basic obedience, along with behaviour modification work so that you and your dog can move forward leaving the past behind. This program includes lots of practice, controlled exercises, mandatory pack walks for completion certificate and unlimited pack walks for consistency, maintenance and up keep after graduation class for as long as you have your dog.

“We undo the past, instead, give you and your dog a fresh start replacing bad with good experiences, when you were at your wits end. Turn the corner and enjoy dog ownership once again, starting now.”


For dogs UNDER 16 weeks, PLEASE click here to go to our Dog Training Page

On our Puppy Training Page you’ll need to book a visit first date and time on either our Proven or Power Puppy private programs to get started ASAP!

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