Pam came to me with a doodle (Doodle dogs originated with a cross between a poodle and a Labrador,) puppy named Moka that was lots of energy and she wasn’t quite sure how to get the dog to behave as well as be safe with her kids. Because she was a novice dog owner, there was lots of issues she came to me with and needed to get control of Moka asap.

After doing a training program that involved her kids and the dog, everyone was better equipped to do the right things to make having a dog fun and safe for the whole family. (including the dog!)

Here’s what Pam had to say about her dog Mocha after doing a program with Awesome K9 and learned how to manage her dog better. Resulting in better manners and confidence, Mocha rarely jumps on people or dogs anymore! She’s a better walker, and her recall is much improved. She is only 8 months old, but has improved so much from when they first started. Thank you Nancy-Lynn!

Practice and doing the homework is the key to success! Great job Mocha and Pam!

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