Bentley was a golden retriever puppy with a strong will and a sharp mind. He was sometimes a handful as he got stronger and bigger fast! Here is what his owner had to say after puppy training was done:

We also enjoyed the training, not just Bentley! He made some huge gains and I have also gained some confidence.

I will likely reconnect with you in July for the next phase! Thanks so much it was fun and inspiring. Wed love to continue after the summer and he gets to the next phase where we can start on more mind work and longer focus!

Puppy classes gave Traci a great start to be able to manage her strong puppy and learn the walk to be more enjoyable and manageable. A good foundation is always the best way to start out with a new puppy. Even is you have had dogs in the past, they are all different in temperament, timing and focus. We also forget after 15 years, what things were like when our now well behaved easy dog was a puppy getting into mischief at the beginning.

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