confident-dog-owner: Ottawa, OntarioHave you ever noticed that when we are frustrated, Anxious, nervous, fearful, defensive, angry or our emotional state is elevated in any way, how that can effect our dogs behaviour and responses to situations or events. When we practice being calm, assertive and confident, our dogs will feel more secure, trusting and less reactive in situations in most cases.

The key is to be proactive and mindful of our emotional state and how that effects our dog’s response and reactions at any given time. If we want our dogs behaviour to change we need to feed them the appropriate energy to give them the confidence we can be trusted to lead, take control and make decisions exclusively for their best interest.

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This is not always as easy as “just doing it”… It takes practice, self awareness and self change to make a successful transition to being an effective leader for your dog.

Dogs are extremely intuitive and they know when we are faking how we feel. You can’t just decide to become confident, fearless or non reactive. It takes daily practice & self awareness of how your reactions and emotions are triggered that in the end enlist good or bad behaviour in your dog. Through self monitoring, paying attention and self awareness training, I.E. Meditation, yoga & building our resources to cope and react better to stressful situations, we give ourselves the tools to BECOME the leader your dog requires for changes to occur.

So next time you find yourself reacting to unwanted behaviour by your dog and end up having a battle of wills, STOP and reassess, be calm & take control of your emotions to not be reactive and experience the empowering change to be a true pack leader.

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