There is no question that music therapy for humans is effective in easing anxiety and stress, but did you know it can have the same calming effect on dogs?

According to veterinarians, some dogs have a type of instinctive orienting response when they hear or see something. This is somewhat controversial, and not all dogs will respond to music in the same way or at all. Before you use music or other sounds to calm your dog, it is important to notice how they react to the sounds around them. This could be noise from the street, from the television, or even from your refrigerator.

You can then try playing different types of music to see how your dog reacts. When you discover a genre or type that seems to soothe your dog, you should take note of this, although light and classical music seems to have the most soothing effect on dogs in general. Using music to soothe your dog can be especially helpful during dog training.

It’s worth noting that the energy state of the owner or trainer interacting with the dog while music is played is an important factor in determining the dog’s reaction.

Music is so impactful for dogs that there have been professional CDs created specifically for this purpose. Music, when used properly, can also help to train them to obey and even do certain tricks.

Remember to take note of what affects your dog so you can readily soothe them if necessary and help train them effectively. For more information, give Awesome K9 a call at 613-797-4454.

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