We did a consultation with Nancy, specifically looking to train our dog to be less dominant and aggressive around other dogs. She gave us great advice during the consultation and then after understanding our specific case, recommended us to another trainer to us who has access to many dogs we could practice with to meet our specific training goals. I have no doubt we could have made great progress with Nancy, but that is a mark of an excellent trainer who truly cares about dogs and meeting a client’s goals in that she would recommend us to go to someone else. Nancy truly cares about making your dog the best they can be!
– Laura Mullaly

Reply from Awesome K9:

Thank you Laura! I appreciate the response. I would love to be able to have offered the exposure I feel you were looking for and give your dog the opportunity to make better choices in a controlled environment. Since I am not offering that kind of social exposure at this time, I am happy to suggest what I feel might be a better fit for what you were looking for. My goal, is to be helpful in resolving your issues as best I can. In this case, a different venue I feel was more of what your were looking for.

As discussed, becoming a member of Awesome K9’s controlled pack walk group, would be a good addition to building your confidence with other dogs and out in the world in a controlled environment to get you started. Just let me know if you wish to look any further into that option as well as the referral.
My pleasure!

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