Here is a recent Grad student, that was almost fearful of his dog going after him and challenging him when the dog wanted to rule the house. Luc never felt confident that his Standard Poodle Jack was not going to try to snap at him or continue jumping at him. By the time they were done their program, Jack was much easier to handle.

Jack the Standard Poodle is much easier to handle now because of Awesome K9 Training in Ottawa

Luc was able to put a stop to Jack’s bulling him and gained much more confidence and control of Jack. They now have a much better relationship, bond and control. Luc worked hard at doing his homework and it paid off in the end! Good job. Even a smart stubborn dog, can make changes if you do the work.

Here’s What Luc had to say at Graduation:


Thank you again for the great training you provided to help us to better control our family dog Jack.

Your advice and training has produced excellent results!”

Thank you again

Luc & Pascale

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