Allysan came to me with her bulldog named Baloo (1.5yrs old) from the East end of Ottawa. Her issues that were causing lots of grief were: Baloo was too excitable at family events and at the dog park. He would not listen to her or her partner. He was becoming more aggressive with other dogs randomly growling and barking. When going for a walk on leash, he would randomly put the brakes on, sit down and not budge. This was a daily event and he refused to move forward or walk on leash.

He needed attention all the time and could not settle without whining for hours. No matter how much exercise they gave him, he would still whimper and whine in the house looking for constant attention.

After 6 weeks of training, here is what Allysan said:

“I was astonished how much different he was. “I never dreamed he be this well behaved in only 6 weeks”.


No more whining, attention seeking, stubborn leash walks & plays much nicer now. Family gatherings are no longer stressful with Baloo attending. It was so worth the time and money.

To quote Allysan: “Best money spent, totally worth it, I never dreamed it would happen this quickly.” Thank you, Nancy-Lynn we will be at the pack walks, which are so much fun now.” We are super happy to have done this!

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