With the dark Ottawa winter months ahead and the change in daylight savings we get a lot less daylight to walk our furry family.  Once daylight savings kicks in, it seems to be much darker both before and after work these days.

This time of year and throughout the winter, it’s a great idea to “light up”  both you and your dog. Visibility can be reduced from both weather issues and shorter days of sunshine.  A good practice is to make you and your dog visible to Ottawa traffic and easy to see in the field.  Reflective coats, leashes and collars are fashionable additions to your dogs wardrobe as well as have fun with all things that “light up”.

If you are looking for a way to keep your dog safer at night, contact us now!

This could be a battery operated light up collar, leash or harness. Some even run on power from a USB device  or solar!.  There is plenty of choices on the market from as little as $3.00 – $50.00. There are many different colours of dog lights available and even ones that flash, strobe, go solid or change colour!  So this winter, shed a little light and be safe especially where traffic or darker side roads is where you go for your walks.  For more information feel free to contact us at www.awesomeK9.com for suggestions, tips and training packages.   BE SAFE and VISIBLE!!

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