“Our dog is a rescue, when we got her, we had issues touching her paws, we were unable to brush her, she didn’t want to eat, little by little she started to eat, she was pulling a lot when we tried to walk her, and she tried to dominate other dogs. We knew we needed to be patient; however, we were not progressing a lot. After four months of very slow recovery, we decided to go for a consultation with Nancy Lynn, her approach was very gentle and from the first session we saw a transformation in our dog, we saw a dog we never saw before. Just before our eyes our dog was walking with such confidence, with a very elegant pose, like a stallion, really no kidding. After a couple of sessions our Lucy was walking with that beautiful confidence during our walks, she started to be interested in food, she stopped pulling from the first session. I am now able to brush her, she is learning to play (she is 5yr, 9 months with us).

I absolutely recommend Nancy-Lynn, we also bought one of her walking collars, (“The heeler leed”) it is magical, it really works.

And on top of that, when we bought the classes, we included the unlimited walks. THOSE SUNDAY WALKS ARE AMAZING! If you think the package of lessons is expensive, let me tell we got already so much more than we paid for.

Looking forward for the next pack walk and our last training session.

THANK YOU NANCY-LYNN you are amazing! “

-Jolie Ale

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