There are many different training tools out there to select from to give you better control, and easier handling of your dog. The issue is not really the type of training collar you pick. The real issue is “how” you use it. Regardless of training styles, positive or balanced, it is very important to understand “why” a trainer will suggest one tool over another.

The factors can be as simple as: how much does the dog pull? How good is the human at managing or handling skills? Is the training collar being utilized effectively for fit, sizing and applied protocol? What breed is best suited for effectiveness and proper function?

The truth is, any training collar or even a flat buckle collar can be misused and cause problems or even damage to the dogs’ neck or body. As safe as a body harnesses seems, they have been known to chafe or rub under dogs’ legs, causing rashes, skin irritation and rough spots, when used incorrectly. Choke chains are one of the more difficult collars to use correctly as the prong collar can be one of the gentlest and effective tools, when used correctly. Halti’s, can cause strained neck muscles just as dogs with pushed in noses already can have breathing issues and don’t need the extra stress on their tracheas.

In a perfect world, at Awesome K9, we aim for everyone to be working their dog on a loose leash regardless of what tool they are using. This is the best way to keep the dog safe and happy. However, most people come to us because they have issues doing so. So, your best option if you struggle with what tool should be best for you and your dog, get some help from a professional dog trainer who can explain the differences and proper uses for any of these tools. “Nothing” is effective if used incorrectly. They can also suggest the best option for your needs, the type of issues you have with your dog and teach you the proper way to use any training tools.

Nancy-Lynn Stoller IACP, Professional dog trainer / Canine behaviour consultant.
Awesome K9

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