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Taking responsibility is the biggest key to success!

The most important thing we can do is to take responsibility for our own dogs. This means training and socializing them properly, so that they get along with other dogs and people.

Whether it’s the first day you bring home a puppy or you adopt a rescue dog, this is when you establish rules and boundaries. They should be taught from the start, given clear and simple choices what is considered acceptable behaviour or not. They should also be conditioned so that humans in the pack are able to take food or toys away from them without issue — dogs should see any human, not just their own people, as having a higher position in the pack. You can accomplish this by daily exposure and practice with different people.

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Two other important things you can do: Avoid playing aggressive games with your dogs, like tug-of-war. Instead, focus on games like fetch, training your dog to drop the ball in front of you. Never encourage playing “attack” games for fun, this can encourage a dominant dog to become aggressive. Dogs learn by repetition and the more consistent we are with our intentions, the more you dog will make the right choices.

Use the “K.I.S.” Theory! (Keep it simple). Repetition, consistency, easy choices such as ” yes” and “no”, praise, reward, correction or redirect to wanted behaviour and timing is an excellent foundation for success. Seek a professional to teach you these techniques. It is crucial for consistency.

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