Critter Jungle is a locally owned pet store that’s a great place for lots of knowledge and really cool stuff!

Our classes are supplied with “Doggy Bags” & prizes from Critter Jungle. Critter Jungle is a family owned local “awesome” pet store with all the coolest supplies, extensive knowledge and all the good food your dog will ever need.  They are located at Hampton Park Plaza and their new location in Orleans where they are now servicing the east end of Ottawa.

New Beginnings is a local rescue that I’m happy to say One of my own dogs came from!! Check out their link for the latest dogs up for a forever home!


Masters and Dogs

​An additional source for the “pampered Pooch” to find great things and friendly staff to help you with your needs.

Below are some out of our area training related services and information to review and consider:

Here is a comprehensive breed information guide on the Doberman we have on Dog Advisor. Once referred to as Devil Dogs, Doberman Pinschers are deceivingly imposing. Their pointed ears, muscular build, and history as formidable guard dogs… read more here:

If you are Looking for a Dog Trainer Near You in the Coral Springs, Coconut Creek & Margate Florida area I can help! You can have a dog that is Calm and Listens, it isn’t that difficult.

Are you ready for a life full of stress free living with your dog? Contact Westchester K-9 Dog Training today! Click here to fill out our contact form. Want more information about what services we offer? Learn about our Puppy Programs and our Dog Training. Westchester K-9 Dog Training | Westchester, NY | (914) 393 2346

Well-trained dogs receive regular exercise and mental stimulation, which are essential for their overall health and well-being. When dogs are not properly exercised and mentally stimulated, they can become bored and frustrated, which can lead to destructive behaviors. The process of training a dog helps to strengthen the bond between the dog and its owner. Dogs love to learn and please their owners, and when they are successfully trained, they feel a sense of accomplishment and pride. This strong bond can lead to a happier and more fulfilling life for both the dog and its owner.

Dog Training Florida

Our professional and expert Dog Trainer helps you on your way to have a well-behaved, obedient dog. We have helped hundreds of dog owners in the area train their dog in an easy, quick and effective way. We offer private and group lessons.

Our goal is to help you create a happier, calmer puppy for you to enjoy and results in a fundamental shift in their state of mind. The problem with many puppy trainers is they rely on one training method for every dog. Great puppies usually turn into great dogs. Don’t wait, get your puppy involved in puppy training now…

Unleashed Potential Dog Training has Trainers located in the following USA areas Connecticut , Northern New Jersey & San Diego, CA They also have a FREE video series will help you teach your dog to pay attention, learn how dogs communicate, and build a proper relationship with your dog.

You want to make sure you start your new puppy off well, right? We can help! Contact us to help with your Puppy Training. We know you’d love to really enjoy owning a puppy…but need help getting through the out of control stage? Contact us! Kona’s Dog Training Tempe, Arizona 85282 (480) 254-7701


We can help you raise a Happy, Healthy, Confident and Social puppy and our Puppy  Training can assist you all along the way. Our approach is flexible and is designed to cater to your needs. Would like to have your puppy trained by us for all or part of your session time?  Meet with us and we will show you the how and what to do for keeping the puppy trained so you can help a great dog in the future! Kona’s Dog Training Tempe, Arizona 85282 (480) 254-7701

In Control Dog Training serves the New Orleans area and specializes in results-based training to get the best results from your dog. Their ability to quickly recognize and correct issues between dogs and handlers, combined with his upbeat style of teaching makes successful dog training the norm. In Control Dog Training 4028 Baudelaire Dr. Marrero, LA 70072 (504) 666-3712

Regardless of the Dog Training subject or issue, High 5 Dog training in Dallas can help. Check out our recent articles and success stories and one of the most important subjects for a dog owner to understand,  Dog Body Language. If you are in the Dallas Texas area, contact HIGH 5 DOG TRAINING 11625 CUSTER RD. SUITE 110-176 FRISCO, TX 75035 (213) 308 1336

Security Defense Solutions and Associates, LLC (S.D.S.) was established to provide professional personal protection, and security of individuals, businesses and special events in and around the Huntsville and Madison Alabama area. Free Initial Consultation for Protection, Firearms Training and Security Assessments. Security Defense Solutions and Investigations LLC
Huntsville AL, 35801 (256) 337-3467

At the K9 League we believe a well trained dog will not only deepen your relationship between you and your dog, but is key in shifting towards a more dog loving culture overall. Professional dog trainers dedicated to the success of the families and their canine companions throughout the Dallas Fort Worth, Houston and surrounding areas. K9 League 32 Valley View Dr  1132 Valley View Dr Hurst Tx 76053 682-651-7722

One of the many benefits of Dog Training Does Matter is their group classes! Many dog owners and non-pet owners alike, would agree that dog training plays a critical role in a dog’s development and ability to safely interact with their environment. The results of not training a dog can be anything from annoyance to injury. In some cases it can be severe and preventable behavioral problems which can result in injury or death to your dog, family, other people or other pets. Dog Training Does Matter, Margate, FL 33062

English Bulldog harnesses of the best quality materials – Genuine quality dog collars and leashes, effective training metal chain dog collars. Leather dog collars for everyday walking with Rottweiler – Durable leather and nylon leashes, interactive dog toys. Reliable and strong nylon dog leashes for Great Dane – Finest quality dog collars, best fitting dog harnesses. Full grain genuine leather Doberman muzzles – Great looking dog collars with spikes and studs, rubber dog toys.Walk your dog in style with these dog collars and harnesses.

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