Ottawa Dog Training #1 The untrained dog: Has no guidance or leadership when faced with an uncomfortable situation.

#2 A fearful dog: Flight or fight is a natural survival instinct and when faced with a stressful or nerve racking encounter. The dog needs a leader to make them feel secure and confident that you can step up and deal with things, so they don’t have too.

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#3 An unpredictable dog: One that has no boundaries or rules when faced with a new situation. Repetition and exposure in many different scenarios prepares the dog to have a better response to new things with your guidance being consistent and effective.

#4 A tired or sick dog: When a dog is tired or something is physically wrong, it can cause a dog to respond in an unpredictable manner. Hence the expression: “Let sleeping dogs lie”. Even the best behaved dog can suddenly become aggressive or agitated when they are not feeling well. When a dog is sick, they usually feel the need to stay away, be unresponsive to being social and their regular behaviour is affected. If you notice a change in your dogs demeanor, it always best to watch closely for signs of illness, pain or sickness. If the strange behaviour continues for more than a few days, best to contact the vet to have a look.

#5 An un socialized dog: Is more likely to react out of fear, fright or stress. Not just to other dogs, but when faced with new people other animals, or anything new such as children, noises, traffic, bicycles, skateboards or anything they are not accustomed or exposed too on a regular basis. So go out of your way to expose them to everything you can think of that they might encounter in a day out.

#6 An unfamiliar dog: If we do not know an approaching dog, then it’s best to take caution and assume that it may not always be the friendliest. Especially if you find a dog wandering on its own. When you are faced with a lost or lone dog, always pay close attention to signals or signs that the dog is weary, frightened, or unsure when you approach. Even if you see an owner with a dog on a walk, always ask: “Is he friendly?” especially for kids that like to meet and greet dogs as they go about their day. Be sure to pay attention if the response of owner is giving you any indications that you should not approach. If you see a yellow ribbon on a dogs leash, this means to give the dog space and leave him be.

If you have any of these issues with your dog, We can help!

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