Alaska was a shelter dog here in Ottawa, that was adopted between the age of 1-2. She was extremely destructive when she was left alone and suffered from anxiety and containment-phobia. She would break out of her crate and literally destroy the house trying to get out. She could not be left alone at all. When I met Alaska, I suspected that she was a Hybrid (with wolf in her) This was not a normal dog and her behavior was very concerning. She had previously been put on anxiety meds and was almost lifeless when I initially met her. She was underweight and her physical demeanor, was lethargic and her coat was falling out in handfuls. So, I knew we had not only behavioural issues, but nutrition was a concern as well. Motivating this dog was a tough job and I was so glad that Brandon stuck with it for the long haul. After months of work, she was making progress!

Here’s what Brandon had to say:

“Alaska is a much more confident and calmer dog. After a lot of patience and techniques that Nancy helped me learn I have been able to leave Alaska alone for hours compared to five minutes. Training really helped me bond stronger with Alaska and helped me become a better leader for Alaska. Training really helped Alaska to be able to trust me more to help her become more confident in herself.

Training with Nancy not only helps your dog but really helps you as an owner to be the proper leader that your dog may need. It was a pleasure dealing with Nancy on a personal level while seeing her deal with my dog with nothing but positivity and patience. I highly recommend training with Awesome K9 as I never would have gotten my dog to where she is today without Nancy.”

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