When we contacted Nancy-Lynn, we were at our wits end. We felt we had no control over D’arcy our Great Dane. We were constantly in fear of his hurting someone. He bit and mouthed at us constantly. He challenged us on pretty much every command. We were at the point of not feeling safe to even walk him. We previously tried other training classes that failed miserably. He was getting worse and her was getting bigger and was aggressive, dominant, stubborn, pushed us around and had separation anxiety.

Nancy-Lynn reaffirmed us that he really was a “good” dog but was just misunderstood, the focus turned to us who really needed the training. Once we learned to earn his respect, we noticed a huge difference. He wasn’t challenging us and would give up within minutes and that was the end of any issues. Life at home is not as chaotic and we are grateful that we finally found someone who could teach us how to speak “puppy!”

Thank you for all your patients and help
Tory, Joelene & D’arcy

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