Oreo came to me from Ottawa/ Gatineau area and was a little handful!  He was not a good  walker and could not stay focused. When he would see other dogs he would go crazy; barking, lunging and growling at the other dogs at the end of his leash.  Oreo needed much more stimulation and interaction on a regular basis. He had lots and lots of energy to burn off to make him calm. Daily exercise and exposure was part of his program and he even went to a kennel and played with other dogs for over a week. Now he gets more consistent exercise and exposure, which makes a world of difference for him. He even learned how to use the treadmill and has regular visits to daycare to keep up on his socialization skills!

This is what the client said:

We had recently adopted Oreo from the SPCA and while he was a real sweetheart with humans (big and small) he would loose his little canine mind everytime we encountered another dog on our walks.  In addition to his poor social skills, Oreo was pulling on leash and he was exhibiting less than perfect manners (jumping on people and furniture, bolting when the door was open, barking at the doobell,…).

In the first lesson Nancy-Lynn showed us how to properly handle Oreo on leash and we saw immediately a big improvement.  Throughout our lessons, she gave us tricks and exercises to practice with Oreo and his manners have improved significantly.  We worked hard on his social skills and were even able to walk Oreo along side Nancy-Lynn’s dogs without him reacting.  We are confident that with continued practice of what Nancy-Lynn has taught us and by regularly attending pack walks, Oreo will continue to improve and be the amazing dog that he can be.

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