It is not always easy to understand why your dog “does stuff,” especially if you find yourself distressed about concerning behavior. When your dog is acting out, there are many reasons why getting a professional trainer to evaluate them  can often help answer questions, prevent escalating problems and avoid more potential ones in the future.

Whether the dog isn’t responding to commands or has some disruptive and annoying habits, a behaviour expert can help you to understand the reason for your pet acting out, as well as suggest a plan of action to correct the behaviour.

As dog behaviour experts, we know the main characteristics associated with various breeds, triggers and causes that lie behind most disturbing behavior. We can give you the tools to bring back balance and harmony while teaching you the solution your family desperately needs.

Getting an evaluation of the dog’s behaviour has long term benefits. It will strengthen the relationship between owner and dog by giving you insight to how the dog sees things.  We can identify your strong points as well as areas that need work in becoming the authority figure, (the pack leader)  and teach you how to build confidence in the dog.

Dogs are very instinctual and react to things that disturb or frighten them by “sensing” from us.  A professional will be able to see the reasons why a dog might get aggressive with people, or become frightened in common situations. Quite often the human does not understand where the behaviour is coming from and how to counteract it or encourage it.

If you and your dog aren’t seeing eye to eye, then give Awesome K9 a call at (613) 797-4454, or fill out our online evaluation form, to see how we can help get your family back on track and restore balance and harmony for a happy dog and a happy human.

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