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She is now well behaved…

Shiloh GSD mix

David came to me with a Shiloh GSD mix that was a shelter dog he adopted from a local facility in the Ottawa/ Gatineau area. She was very calm and quiet compared to the average GSD. David was an experienced dog owner in the past, but felt he needed some help with this dog because it was either overly passive or fearful. He was having a tough time figuring her out. When He came to me, her behaviour made sense, because she was very intelligent and even had some minor wolf traits that would explain the calmer demeanor. Having dealt with Hybrids before, we took the approach that more intelligent the dog is, the less they will respond to commands and even play in a normal fashion. He needed to challenge her and let her make decisions that had an outcome she would benefit from. So, play and training had to be more structured for her. She would get bored of an exercise quickly and we needed to keep her challenged. The passive or fearfulness was just part of her temperament because she wasn’t used to normal dog play antics. She was more of a watch and study type of character and therefore too much or heightened play with others could have been overwhelming for her.

David’s comments after their training program:

I had just got Shilah (a female Shiloh Shepard) as an 18-month-old Rescue dog. I thought it was important to start training with her soonest for both to ensure she understood that I was the alpha and a great way to also start the bonding.

Shilah learns very quick and she adapted to both me and the home very well. She had gone from a submissive, insecure pup to having confidence around other dogs and people. She has participated in the pack walks and is well behaved. Training must be challenging for her.

Shilah wasn’t (isn’t) interested in the normal training such as with my previous dogs where you can go and practice the exercises for an hour straight. Although she learns quick and know what to do, she gets bored easily and wants to play versus train. Nancy found ways for me to work with Shilah to ensure she was continually challenged while having fun. Nancy is evidently very experienced and knowledgeable about dog behaviour and how to work with them regardless of breed or size.

Leash walks are much nicer now…

Allysan came to me with her bulldog named Baloo (1.5yrs old) from the East end of Ottawa. Her issues that were causing lots of grief were: Baloo was too excitable at family events and at the dog park. He would not listen to her or her partner. He was becoming more aggressive with other dogs randomly growling and barking. When going for a walk on leash, he would randomly put the brakes on, sit down and not budge. This was a daily event and he refused to move forward or walk on leash.

He needed attention all the time and could not settle without whining for hours. No matter how much exercise they gave him, he would still whimper and whine in the house looking for constant attention.

After 6 weeks of training, here is what Allysan said:

“I was astonished how much different he was. “I never dreamed he be this well behaved in only 6 weeks”.


No more whining, attention seeking, stubborn leash walks & plays much nicer now. Family gatherings are no longer stressful with Baloo attending. It was so worth the time and money.

To quote Allysan: “Best money spent, totally worth it, I never dreamed it would happen this quickly.” Thank you, Nancy-Lynn we will be at the pack walks, which are so much fun now.” We are super happy to have done this!

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