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Dog Training Articles

It is not always easy to understand why your dog “does stuff,” especially if you find yourself distressed about concerning behavior. When your dog is acting out, there are many reasons why getting a professional trainer to evaluate them  can often help answer questions, prevent escalating problems and avoid more potential ones in the future. […]

As a responsible pet owner, it is vital to give your puppy the best start in life possible. Dog training is an important part of that process. As soon as you bring your new family member home, you will want them to become accustomed to your home and their new family life. They must learn […]

It’s no secret that dogs like to go to the park and enjoy the company of their own kind, but there a couple of things that dog owners should know and watch out for when taking their dog to a park. Upon arrival, the first thing that many dog owners do is to set their […]

There is no question that music therapy for humans is effective in easing anxiety and stress, but did you know it can have the same calming effect on dogs? According to veterinarians, some dogs have a type of instinctive orienting response when they hear or see something. This is somewhat controversial, and not all dogs […]

It is no secret that food is a great motivator. At Awesome K9, we believe treats are a great method to use when training your dog or puppy. Using treats while training allows you to quickly obtain the desired behavior from your dog, and then reward him/her duly with a treat. I am often asked […]

Having a dog at home is extremely beneficial to children, especially when it comes to teaching them a thing or two about responsibility. At Awesome K9, we believe dog training is a family affair and that it is important for families living with dogs to have their children involved in the training from the beginning. […]

At Awesome K9, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all dog training programs. We firmly believe that every dog is different and every human-dog relationship is unique and should be treated as such. Training programs offered by Awesome K9 include puppy classes, group classes, private lessons, basic obedience, proper manners, advance obedience & socialization.  All of the […]

Last modified on October 24th, 2018

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